The birth of a

The crossing
the line

The Shellback journey starts with a desire to step outside your comfort zone and progress as a person. To do more, experience more and live life to the fullest.

The eve of the equatorial
is called
wog day

Ancient times crossing the equator identified Shellbacks as sailors who had gone further. Today's Shellbacks come from all walks of life. They are those who have accepted the challenge and are continually ready to experience the mysteries of the unknown.

After crossing the line,
pollywogs receive subpoenas
to appear before
King neptune
and his court

Driven by the spirit of discovery, Shellbacks understand that who they are today isn't who they will be tomorrow. New experiences will continue to define and shape them as they evolve as people.

The court of
is a ritual
to indoctrinate the
into the mysteries
of the deep

To become a Shellback is to become a member of a select group. To join ranks with those who have chosen to test themselves and take the journey. Shellbacks understand that the reward is often greater than the risk.

after the ceremony,
pollywogs receive
declaring their new status:

Is the spirit of discovery your driving force? Are you ready to continue the journey and progress as a person? Do you find yourself worthy of becoming a Shellback? If so congratulations, you may now accept your certificate.


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